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March 21, 2013
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:TGB: Silver-Earth Rey by StormiDay :TGB: Silver-Earth Rey by StormiDay
EDIT 10/2/2013 Whole new information. And for the first time ever his history has been written ;w;




{ Name } Rey (RAY)


{ Kit Name } Boulder


{ Nick Names } N/A


{ Tribe Tattoo} Silver-Earth


{ Age } 3 1/2 Season Cycles


{ Birthdate }  Born in Autumn Season, October 31st


{ Gender } Male/Tom


{ Appearance } [ Breed | Body Type | Height | Weight | Fur | Eyes | Scars / Disabilities ]


Breed || Maine Coon x Manx


Body Type || Tall and muscular


Fur || Rey has a dark gray base coat with a darker, almost black stripe running down from the top of his head to the middle of his tail and has tiger tabby stripes on his back, face, thighs on his hind legs accompanied with darker ears. He also has snow white ear tips and tail tip. The bridge of his nose and muzzle are white as well that lead to his stark white chest and stomach. Finally he has white forearms and white back legs that fade to his base coat color at the heel. His fur is fairly long, slightly curly and very soft.


Eyes || His left eye is a soft ice blue hue and his in his right is a grass green. With past events, sleeplessness and stress, his eyes often look older than his age, tired and a bit darker. But when he is feeling true happiness and pride, they seem to light up and go from seeming old to seeming young and vibrant.


Scars / Disabilities || As for scars, Rey has a scar given to him by Sojir on the bridge of his nose during the war. He also his 3 large jagged scars on his left flank given to him by Keegan, And lastly there is a missing bit of his left ear where an earring was torn out in the final battle of the war by an unknown cat. For disabilities, Rey’s left ear has now a 75% loss of hearing, due to his odd eyes, this trait is common in cats with odd eyes, and they are usually deaf or hearing deficient in the ear that is on the same side as the blue eye.


Accessories ||. First Rey as a gold earring in his left ear, a braided grass bracelet on his left paw given to him by Shenzi and a ring shaped stone that dangles from a string on his tail that is the same color as his eyes, given to him by his father as a kit.


T R I B E  I N F O R M A T I O N


{ Rank } Leader

{ Skills }

SKILL 1- Feel The Earth. You can feel the roots of plants beneath the earth, a worm that slithers through the earth beneath your paws.

SKILL 2- Growing Plants 1. You can control the growing of a seed of a small plant / requires a lot of energy!

SKILL 3- Growing Plants 2. You can control multiple seeds of medium sized plants / requires a lot of energy!

SKILL 4- Shift The Earth. You can shift the earth beneath your paws.

SKILL 5- Growing Plants 3. You can control multiple seeds of Big sized plants / requires a lot of energy!

SKILL 6- These Long Vines. You can make vines grow, they can only be grown once out of a seed and be controlled once, so aim well if you have no other vine seeds with you!

SKILL 7- Raise. You can let Boulders rise from the earth beneath your paws.

SKILL 8- Shield Me. Spikes and walls shoot up from around you and protect you from danger! 

SKILL 9- Earth Spike. You can summon earth spikes to skewer your enemy up! Requires a lot of energy!

SKILL 10- Stone Claws. You can dig yourself in the ground and hide from your enemies. Your claws will never break when digging.

SKILL 11- Everything I Touch. Going in this meditative mode, everything that is plant life around you will grow to full health and power. During this skill however you have barely any controls of you actions and it drains you very fast.

SKILL 12- Small Fissure. You can create small cracks in the earth that go down deep but aren't even big enough to fit your paw in.

SKILL 13- Fissure. On the cost of a lot of energy you can make the ground split in two and raise to devour your enemy and pull it in its cold, dark, grasp..



SKILL 1- Move A Rock! You manage to move a rock half your size! All by yourself!

SKILL 2- Push Back.  You can shove back or overwhelm any cat of any size much easier than normal.

SKILL 3- Pushing Boulders 1 You can Push a boulder of your own size!

SKILL 4- Pushing Boulders 2 You can push a boulder twice your size!

SKILL 5- Picking On Me? Your hearing ability increased, now nobody will dare badmouth you!

SKILL 6- Pushing Boulders 3 You can Push a boulder thrice your own size!

SKILL 7- Cracking Wood You can crack Wood beneath your bare paws!

SKILL 8- Cracking Stone You can crack stones beneath your bare paws! 

SKILL 9- Earth Spike You can summon earth spikes to skewer your enemy up! Requires a lot of energy!

SKILL 10- Stone Claws You can dig yourself in the ground and hide from your enemies. Your claws will never break when digging.

SKILL 11-Everything I Touch Going in this meditative mode, everything that is plant life around you will grow to full health and power. During this skill however you have barely any controls of you actions and it rains you very fast.

SKILL 12- Small Fissure You can create small cracks in the earth that go down deep but aren't even big enough to fit your paw in.

SKILL 13- Fissure On the cost of a lot of energy you can make the ground split in two and raise to devour your enemy and pull it in its cold, dark, grasp.



{ Personality }


Positive Traits:  Wise, Fatherly, Hard-Working.


Neutral Traits: Protective, Charismatic, Dishonest.


Negative Traits: Impulsive, Overly attached.



After much pain and trial, Rey has learned from what life has thrown at him and he’s turned it into wisdom. In the past he was far more pompous but since events over the years have happened (i.e. death of lovers, family, friends, etc.) he’s mellowed out and become more thoughtful of the world around him. Rey always seems to have the right answer or a relatable story to an issue and is always willing to offer guidance to a cat (whether they want it or not). He has the ability to turn almost any everyday task or event into a life lesson of some sort. This can tend to become incessant and sometimes annoying because Rey has a habit of rambling on when he starts talking wise. But nonetheless, age has made him wiser and he loves to share his wisdom with those around him.



Having never really had a father figure in his life, Rey has found a love for younger cats, regardless if they are from Earth-Tribe or not (though he is more wary of Shadow-Tribers). Rey can manage to develop deep and strong bonds with cats that haven’t, or are barely reaching adulthood and tries to be like an older role model or father figure to them. It’s something he finds joy in, being able to build a strong bond with younger cats and guiding them through their lives and supporting with their choices and trials. He gets along with cats his age as well; he’s just always loved cats that haven’t let adulthood ruin their love for fun and whatnot.  Ever since he was a Blue-Green Earth, he knew that someday he wanted to be father, and the bond between a parent and offspring has captivated him for as long as he can remember. Something so strong and powerful that it’s almost unexplainable, and he loved it, even though he never knew the feeling.



No matter the task he’s given, Rey will work endlessly to see that it gets finished. Even if that means some things get sacrificed, like eating, sleeping and paying attention to anything but the task at hand. This has often lead to extreme fatigue of Rey, but in the end, whatever he needed to get done got done. This is one of the traits that has stayed with Rey since he was a kit and wasn’t changed with major events that greatly altered other parts of his personality. At first glance, it seems like there’s nothing he can’t do, and most everything he does is done well. This is mainly due to the fact that he will only focus on whatever needs done and nothing else until it’s done.  



This trait is very apparent and even a blind it would know the he is protective. After all the loved ones he’s lost, Rey has developed a need to protect those who are still around him. This is noticeable mainly in with his family and friends. Though Rey is protective and definitely looks out for those he loves, he can tend to go overboard with it. He often becomes overprotective; he has to know everything about their whereabouts. Where they are, who they are with, when they left and when they will be back. This can easily overbearing and for a cat that is just beginning to get close to Rey. But he does it with all the best intentions though; he just doesn’t realize when he is going too far about being protective. His friends and family members are the most important thing in his life and he will go to great, maybe even too great of extents to ensure their safety.  



Ever since he was young, Rey has always had a charm to him that drew others to him. And Rey was very aware of this charm he had and used it to his advantages, but not always in bad ways though! More often than not he used his charisma to make other cats want to be his friend and get to know him better and to get cats to do some favors for him when need be. But unfortunately, Rey has found himself relying on this charm too much from time to time. Often he doesn’t quite understand that just because some cats find his charismatic, not every cat will. This has led to disputes and squabbles between himself and other cats before.  



Don’t worry kiddo, everything will be alright. I promise. Now this may seem like a completely negative trait at first glance, but this trait is a neutral one and isn’t a terrible thing in Rey’s case, but it’s not a great one either. Rey is dishonest in the way of giving others a sense of false hope. This is especially true with kits and younger cats. Rey will often tell them everything is okay, when more often than not, everything is far from okay. He’ll play this act for very long periods of time until everything okay/by some random chance his lie about whatever because real or when the cat he’s lied to finds out the hard truth for themselves. This often makes the one he lied to upset for his dishonest towards him.



Though Rey is a wise cat that has a decent head on his shoulders, he doesn’t always make wise choices. Rey is a type of cat that acts on his gut and emotions. He’ll put his feelings in front of his logic and often jump on a not-so-thought-out decision. This either turns out great because he listened to his gut rather than his head. Or it turns out terrible and disastrous because he put no forethought before making a choice. He’s great in high stakes situation that require quick acting and little thinking, but when it comes to situations that require him to think long and hard about the outcomes, Rey has major problems not jumping to a conclusion and often has to ask for help coming to a final verdict.  


Overly Attached:

While he is a protective character, Rey also forms an extremely deep and close bond with cats he considers friends and his family. This bond may be too strong as well. Rey puts these cats in front of all other priorities that he has and their welfare will do nothing but manifest his thoughts. This is Rey’s downfall because he often does lose those close to him, and when they are gone he falls. And he falls hard. He’ll often become very depressed about the loss, and wind up lying and saying he’s okay, when he’s far from it. His love and devotion to those around him becomes his ultimate downfall in the long run.



{ Sexual Information } [ Orientation | Status ]


Orientation || Straight, Heterosexual


Status || Single. Not looking, Widowed

{ Relationship Tracker }


Heart Chart goes here






{ Backstory }

Sunday Morning Rey’s story starts long before his birth. Soon after the first Great War started and group of tribe cats were exiled a pretty Orange-Shadow found herself straying near the edge of exile land one day. Her name was Anabella and she was without a doubt beautiful and she was a newly appointed warrior for Shadow-Tribe. On that say she ran into a handsome dark tabby by the name a Philo. Philo was one of the exiled, now a Gray-Water and formerly a very skilled accessory crafter for Water-Tribe. Anabella was attracted to the tom right away, and it was the same story for Philo and the two began to talk and fall a little more for each other. They met every day for several months at the same spot near the land where the spirits watched and ceased to have control over. Anabella was falling in love with this wayward Casanova more and more, Philo on the other hand saw this as routine because what the Orange-Shadow didn’t know about him is that he had and was going to have many more mates and kits to boot, all behind each other’s back and Anabella was no exception. It didn’t take more than a season or two before she was pregnant with his kits. On Anabella’s part, she never told the tribe who fathered her family because it was never approved and these were the kits of an exile. But she still loved Philo to no end even though the feelings weren’t quite mutual and she promised to raise his family in his image and to let him see his kits.

Little Lion Man Birth and kit hood (Zaeli and Hera) Come spring time; Anabella had given birth to Philo’s kits in Shadow-Tribe. She birthed two little bundles a life, a tom and a she-kit. The she-kit was born first and was a large dusky brown kit that she named Marten and the second a large dark gray tabby tom with a bobbed tail just like his father whom she named Boulder. Marten was a shy little kit and was fairly passive, where Boulder was bold and was much like his father in the sense that he was a little Casanova and a charmer. Even after their birth, Anabella kept the identity of their father a tight secret, but to some cats they were very aware of whom the father was, but no one said a word. Anabella was a great mother to her kits and loved them with every part of her even though she was barely 19 moons at the time she had them. When Marten and Boulder were old enough to walk, she took them to the place she always met Philo, and after a short time of waiting, he came and he couldn’t have been more proud of Anabella for producing such a beautiful daughter and handsome son. Boulder didn’t have much memory of his father, but he knew he was a nice tom and liked him a lot. Before going back to Shadow-Tribe camp, Philo told Anabella to bring them back in a few days. Of course she obliged, this was her mate after all. And like she was told, she came back and Philo was there waiting for all three of them, but he had something next to him. As Marten and Boulder came to greet their father, he gave them each a string with a gem in the color of their eyes, like one that matched his own green one. Marten obtained one in a soft baby blue, and Boulder one that was half green and blue to match his dual colored eyes. The kits thanked their father over and over again telling him how much they loved him. But what he kits didn’t know was that Philo was a skilled crafter and gave these to all the kits he fathered so they would always know who their father was and maybe someday find each other based on the tail gem. But nonetheless, the kits loved their gift and their father even thought this was last time they would ever see Philo because he left to find another mate and have another litter of kits to give tail rings to. While growing up in Shadow-Tribe, there was another litter of two kittens in the den. Two she-kits just a few moons older than Marten and Boulder.  Marten never played with them much, but one of the kits, a little brown tabby, and Boulder grew to become best friends during their time in the nursery.  But with the two kits being older, they had their ceremony before Boulder and Marten did, his best friend was now Zaeli and a Pink-Earth, he sister now Kai remained in Shadow, but it wasn’t the same to Boulder. He missed Zaeli and Marten was little help in keeping him company seeing they were polar opposites, he loved her though, but she was no Zaeli. Boulder counted down the days until he could be an apprentice and see her again and he wanted nothing more to be a Blue-Earth.

The Future is Now After a few more moons, Boulder’s and Marten’s time finally came. They were brought to the Clearing of Light. The kits were ecstatic and nervous all at once. Boulder wished more than anything to go to Earth-Tribe and see Zaeli again and that he’s get a cool name. And it happened, he saw Mother Earth in the current leader and a blue tattoo appeared on his shoulder. The moment he saw he was now a blue-earth was the happiest moment of Boulder, or Rey’s young life. On the other hand, Marten, now Hera, was a Pink-Air and whisked away there to start her warrior training. Rey was taken to Earth-Tribe, still just as excited as he got is tattoo. Reunited with his best friend, Rey thought things were going well for him. Due to his stocky and strong build, he was appointed as a guard apprentice. Rey was a was gifted with the Primary power, but at the time there was a shortage of Primary powered guards, so Rey was appointed to Atlas, a well-loved Secondary Green-Earth guard to be taught the ways of a guard and his mentor to teach him about the Primary power was a sly Orange-Earth Miner called Meg. Rey learned under the both of them and learned their different ways of teaching. Atlas was kind, patient. It was no wonder why the tribe loved him! Meg was harsh though. Her main goal was to become leader and didn’t care who stood in her way to get there. Her dream to becoming leader manifested her thoughts and she was often impatient and snappy with Rey. It wasn’t a hard choice to choose the favored mentor. Rey trained as hard as he could with Meg and went to Atlas for guidance and Zaeli for comfort when Meg’s trainings were especially trying. For the majority of the time while Rey was a Blue-Earth, he had a good time Atlas was like a father figure to him, he loved training to be a guard, he has the best friend he could ever ask, but the only drawback was Meg, and he believed it would make him stronger. During his apprenticeship Rey would leave camp occasionally and look for Hera and the two would meet up when they could and catch up and tell stories of their trainings and mentors. Hera never did change, she was still shy and cautious, but Rey loved her nonetheless, she was his sister after all.

 Teenagers When adolescence came, Rey was just finishing up his apprenticeship and was soon going to be a full-fledged guard for Earth-Tribe.  One day, Rey did as he would sometimes do and leave camp to see Hera for the first time since they’re tattoos changed colors. It seemed normal and he met Hera out in the neutral lands, the two complemented and joked with each other on their accomplishment of not dying yet and getting to see their tattoos change color. But littler did the two of them know they one of them would not live to see the rest of the tattoo change. While Rey and Hera were out exploring in the neutral lands Hera wanted to show Rey how much her mentor taught her and a new style of hunting she made up. She found her victim, an unsuspecting rabbit, nothing out of the ordinary. But on the leap to kill the rabbit, Hera wound up getting scratch on her shoulder from the rabbit lost a decent piece of prey. The scratch seemed like nothing major, just a run-of-the-mill scratch everyone gets. But it was so much more than they thought.  After the little incident, her and Rey parted ways planning on meeting each other as soon as they could. After several days of intense training, Rey became a full guard and after celebrating with Atlas and Zaeli he had to find Hera and tell her the good news! The next day he went out the neutrals like they agreed to, but just like he expected, there was Hera. But something was wrong. This was Hera, but it also wasn’t Hera. There was foam at the edges of her mouth, her bright blue eyes seemed duller, and there was a strange gimp in her step as she walked towards him. She didn’t say anything, and neither did he. All she could mouth was “Get away. Go. Rey please leave.” This was unlike Hera in every way and Rey knew what was wrong since Atlas had recently told him about this. She was rabid, and Rey knew it was from that rabbit that scratched her. This situation was dire and there was no time to feel sad right then. The real Hera was already dead as it was; this was a shell of her former self. He ran, and with that whatever was left of sister was gone and all that was left was a monster that took control of her body and it chased him. There was one advantage Rey had over this beast, he was intelligent. After a short while of the chase, Rey lead the dusky brown beast to a hole that he and sister found once full of sharp lethal thorns at the bottom. It pained him greatly about what he was going to do, but it was his life on the line. There he led the rabid body of his sister to the edge of the pit and from there, a missed step happened and gravity followed. The thorns impaled her and Hera was dead. This did crush Rey greatly and for several weeks he found solace and comfort in Atlas and Zaeli.

Battle Born As time moved on, Hera became nothing more than a memory. Meg passed away from a hereditary disease and age finally got the better of Atlas and he too passed away peacefully in his sleep soon after Rey became a Green-Earth. These events made Rey a stronger cat, but he never lost his charming and Casanova-ness when he reached adult hood. The first while of being a full adult was fairly uneventful. Zaeli was still his best friend and he went about his duties, flirting every now and them. Between the time of becoming a Green-Earth and the next war, Rey did meet one friend he would have the rest of his life. A little Pink-Water by the name of Shenzi after he ran head first into a rock, they talked and became acquaintances. After their meeting she forgot a piece of braided grass at the scene. The day after his collision and meeting with the little apprentice, he gave the piece of grass back to her in the neutral lands where she then used her power and turned it into a bracelet that he still has to this day and cherishes greatly.

Ammunition The peaceful time Rey had as a guard was short lived. When Rey was about 18 moons old Earth and Fire-Tribe (The Rebellion) and Air, Water and Shadow-Tribe (The Alliance) all went against each other in a spirit based war. Rey fought for the Rebellion the war for a while never really had an effect on him since he had no living family in the Alliance to go against really the only thing he didn’t want to do was fight Shenzi. But this was short lived just like the peace time. One day during the hostile time of the war, Rey was in the neutral lands hunting for birds in the trees, when two Shadow-Tribers came near and were hostile with his presence. One was a Green-Shadow and the other a Pink-Shadow, the Green’s apprentice. Rey tried to be peaceful but he knew there was going to be a fight regardless because the two did not leave the base of the tree he crouched in. Rey finally had to follow the orders of both sides of the war he leapt down and fought. This was the first real battle Rey ever fought and he used everything his mentors taught him. In the end, he killed and Green-Shadow was killed at his claws and Rey still carries the scars from that battle on his flank and on the bridge of his nose. The Pink-Shadow, (Sojir) still holds a grudge at him for the Green-Shadow (Kegan)’s death. This was the first time the reality of what was going one hit Rey like a ton of bricks and he began to change greatly. The charm and flirty-ness Rey had begun to fade and he grew a little more serious since the event shook up greatly and he for many seasons he felt great guilt over taking the Green-Shadow’s life. But not all was bad during this time, during this time of war, the deputy at the time Snowflake passed away and Zaeli was appointed the new deputy. Rey couldn’t have been more proud of his friend. The final battle of the war though, took a toll on Rey. During this time he lost a good friend of his, Aden passed away and the final battle left him with a torn ear as well. But the end, he survived, which is more than what most cats could have said. The war had a lasting effect on Rey though. He never was the same and the charming Casanova he grew up as became older and wiser and this stuck and he’s still known for being wise and older than his age.

Life Less OrdinaryAfter the war was finally said and done, the leader during the war Corvo stepped down from his leader position and Zaeli stepped up but of course she had to pick a deputy, and much to Rey’s surprise she picked him, but he promised her he would be the best deputy he could be and that they together would make their tribe great. Shortly after becoming deputy for Earth-Tribe, a strange black and white tom came from unknown northern lands, and with him he brought many cats known as the “exiles”. Cats who were forced from the tribes in the first great war and some born into that lifestyle, many of them had Earth-Tribe tattoos, and after Mother Earth gave them their full pink, blue, orange or green tattoo and true name they joined the tribes. At first Rey was a bit apprehensive about letting this large amount of cats in the tribes without any prior knowledge about tribe life, but the spirits never said anything against it, so it couldn’t have been all that bad right? But Rey never knew how much these cats would play into his life. Soon after the exiles joined the tribes, Rey found himself caught in a nest of brambles, and an unlikely savior came to his rescue. That individual was a newly tribed exiled Orange-Light who called herself Bunny at the time. Rey was very attracted to her, not only for her pretty appearance but also for her kind act of helping him out of the bush. Over the next several moons, Rey and Bunny began to grow closer and fonder of each other. They admitted each other’s true names where Bunny was now know to him as Bonny and their fondness for each other. In the midst of getting to know Bonny more and more, Rey also stumbled upon the woods soon after the arrival of the exiled. A beautiful tortoiseshell Pink-Orange Light who called herself Star. Rey was without a doubt captivated by her young beauty, and little did he know how much she’d have an effect on his life. Not long after meeting these two stellar she-cats, panic began to run through the tribes because at a meeting of the spirits a strange chocolate colored healer came into the meeting warning the tribes that the land was going to kill them all. But there was something that stood out about this cat with a yellow-light tattoo. The ring on her tail was just like his and the same mint green as her eyes. This couldn’t be just a coincidence right?  Soon after that meeting, Rey and Zaeli gained their first apprenticed together. Zaeli received the newly named Blue-Earth Kyle (son of Eva and Sullivan. Also Rey’s unknown to be half nephew) to be trained as a warrior and Rey received the newly named Pink-Earth Iris (Daughter of Tzurai and Nobuo) to be trained in the way of a guard. Rey was more than excited about getting an apprentice for the first time and quickly developed a bond with Iris. But he was also excited because he could train Iris alongside Zaeli and Kyle.  Jut the Yellow-Lights warning reined true, and the land was beginning to cave in on them, and just as she said, they needed to find a new home.

Winter Winds The travel north for a new home brought new chances and new despair. Soon after arriving in the new land, Zaeli took ill with a strange illness, leaving Rey temporarily leader of the Tribe. During this time, Rey was wandering the forests near the Earth-Tribe territory when he came across two unlikely characters. One, an albino guard from his tribe, the other, the chocolate colored Yellow-Light who gave all the tribes the warning about the old land. There was something strikingly similar between these three seemingly different cats. The tail rings. Each one of them had a gem on a string the same color as their eyes the hung from their tail. It was all alike from the craftsmanship to the near spot on color of the stone. This was Philo’s work, and his reason for never being them much for any of them was answered. It was really a surprise to Yossarian and Jazlyn as much it was for him! From then on out, Rey become a big brother figure to Yossarian, he wanted to be the protective figure their father wasn’t and the sibling he couldn’t be for Hera. Rey also visited Jazlyn whenever he could as well, and she quickly filled the fraternal gap that Hera left and for the first time in a long while, Rey felt like he wasn’t so alone family wise. But despite the recent good, tragedy soon followed. Within the same few week time span, three of the most important cats in Rey’s life passed away. One afternoon while investigating a badger den in Earth-Tribe’s territory, his dear brother followed without Rey’s knowledge. When the two got close to the area the badger was last seen, it attacked. Yossarian bravely protected Rey and took the badger’s attack, and as far as Rey knew leaving the scene upon is brother’s request, Yossarian had died at the claws of the badger. And naturally, he was devastated. Just days later Bonny died of an unknown reason. The news of Bonny’s death soon reached Rey’s ears and brought him down a great deal, leaving him depressed for some time and just generally down in the dumps. He didn’t eat or sleep, he was just sad almost all the time. And  finally, not but a few days after these passings, the ill Zaeli up and left without good bye to him, leaving Rey the leader of his tribe, even though he wished he wasn’t. The deaths of these three left Rey in a major depression and altered his personality even more. He became clingier to those around him that were still alive and he grew colder and wiser. But there was some good in all this bad! A few weeks after all the turmoil, Rey has an encounter with an apprentice in his tribe over an afternoon meal. Akida approached him, noticing he looked down in the dumps, only naturally of course. He brother, lover and best friend were dead. But this little ray of sunshine talked with him and shared a meal with him, and Rey grew fond of the little cat and took her under his wing. Together after some training, talking and bonding, Rey thought of little Akida as a daughter figure of his and loved her like his own. He became the father she never really had and to this day the two are inseparable and closer than ever. Almost as if their paternal love for each other was meant to be.

It gets better With the disappearance of Zaeli, there had to be a new deputy appointed it. Rey spent days waiting for the spirits to help him choose as his tattoo changed from Yellow to Silver. For days they remained silent and dormant about who the tribe deputy should be. Rey began to worry some, wondering if perhaps he wasn’t fit to be leader and that was the reason the spirits said nothing to him but that changed one day Rey went out in the woods to do a solitary patrol. While out on that afternoon, he came a across a stranger in his territory. Normally Rey would have told the intruder to leave and a possible conflict may have started with the grey tattooed cat. But there was something different about this cat who called himself Bone. Almost as if Rey saw a bit of himself in the brown cat. But really, aside from their odd eyes, short tails and earth-tribe tattoos on their shoulders. They were nothing alike. But the moment the cat introduced himself to Rey, he knew this cat had to be part of his tribe. That day Rey brought Bone back to camp and at the next meeting, Bone was named Soren by the spirits and just days later Rey made him his deputy, knowing that the spirits made him see something different in Soren the day they met. Everything seemed normal for several months. Earth-Tribe thrived well under the leadership of Rey and Soren and training for Iris was coming along nicely. But something changed for one of greatest betters in Rey’s life one mid-morning. He was about to take Iris out of the camp for a training session and just steps out of the camp, Rey saw one of the most unexpected things in his life. There coming towards him was Yossarian. It was an unforgettable moment to see his bother come towards him. The disbelief, the love and the forgiveness is something that still makes Rey smile. For seasons Rey assumed his brother died at the claws of that badger that one tragic day. But the tabby had no idea that he actually survived thanks to a still unknown to him healer that cared for Yossarian until he was better. The only downside to the reunion was that Yossarian confessed to Rey that he was going to stay in Light-Tribe, which in all reality wasn’t that bad at all because Rey knew that their sister was still well and would watch out for him and his savior was there as well. So for the first time in a long while, Rey had a streak of good going for him and things were pretty well. Poor guy, if only he knew what was to come in coming months.

Hurricane A few moons after appointed Soren deputy and reuniting with Yossarian, tragedy not only struck Rey, but all of the tribes. Deadly creatures unknown to the tribe cats called caimans took over Earth-Tribe territory almost overnight. They almost killed a warrior and forced all the Earth-Tribers from their home and into the make shift camp, currently in the Council of the Spirits. The thought of these monsters in his home haunted Rey for many weeks and getting situated to this new life and trying to come up with a way to reclaim his home took a massive toll on Rey. He had trouble sleeping and when he did he dreamt of nothing but scaly monsters attacking him and his appetite went downhill as well. But he knew he had to stay strong for the sake his tribe. He needed to be strong for them. One night, he and several other cats from his tribe and the others went into the camp hoping to defeat the caimans and reclaim his home, the effort was fruitless and the cats lost that battle losing the Air-Tribe and Shadow-Tribe leader along with several other cats and Rey himself lost a life as well.   But the suffering didn’t quite end there either. Several days after the attack on the caimans, dearest sister Jazlyn announced to her brothers that she was leaving the tribes, when Rey came to her; her yellow tattoo had already turned orange. His sister’s departure was heart breaking, Yossarian was utterly devastated and that tore Rey’s heart out even more. And after that she left the sight of the spirits, her orange tattoo was now black and neither of the brothers have seen Jazlyn since. There was a few good things that happened though. During the time that Earth-tribe was staying in Light-Tribe territory, he reunited with Star, who then revealed her true name to be Ameena’s. The two spent increasingly more time with each other, and in time, they confessed their love for each other. Rey was ecstatic, he gave love a chance since Bonny’s death and for the first time since the caimans took over camp, he was happy. The happiness only grew more when Ameena became pregnant with his kits and in the winter season, Rey was the father to his own four kits. Flare (named for Maika), Bon (Named after Bonny), Zay (Named after Zaeli) and Snow (named after Kenieen and Yossarian). Rey never felt so much love for little scraps of fur and vowed that he was going to be the best father he could be, but with this high of happiness, he had to come down. And oh, he came down hard for a week after the birth of his kittens, Ameena’s body was brought back to camp, her cause of death unknown, but she was dead. And Rey never felt so alone, so confused and so concerned for the welfare of his kits. Rey’s life of happiness and tragedy is still unfolding and anything can happen at this point.







Voice Actor : Bradley Darryl Wong (Voice Of Li Shang from Mulan)

Sexuality : Straight, Heterosexual

Dreams : Being someone everyone looks up to

Fears : Losing his family and tribe

Secrets : Killed Green-Shadow Keegan



Favorites :

Color : Green

Hobby : Tree Climbing







Sharing meals with others

Cuddling with those close to him





Seeing others troubled







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Character- Me

Art- *ipann

Information layout- ~Treaimas

TGB- *Sycophantism and ~Atalae



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